Creative FLIP, Final conference


Shaping policy, taking action

21-22 June 2021

In its Final Conference, the Creative FLIP project showcased its experience and outputs of more than two years’ work on issues central to the CCSIs: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting/IP.

The project was launched in 2019 with the goal to address the existing systemic problems in the CCSI ecosystem. We worked on stocktaking of policies and actions and developing new notions and instruments. During the project, Covid-19 pandemic hit society and further emphasized the pre-existing underlying problems and the necessity of strengthening CCSIs to make both the sectors and society more future-proof. During the Creative FLIP final conference, we presented our contributions towards achieving this goal and discussed co-creating good policies and taking meaningful actions for a more resilient and future-proof sector!

We invite you to watch the conference recordings and discover the panel discussions and presentations held over the course of two days in June 2021.

Join us in


Day 1

Shaping policy

How to support the cultural and creative sectors to become more future-proof themselves and, at the same time, further empower them in taking part in the development of a future-proof society?

We need policies that acknowledge the value of the Cultural and Creative Sectors for society and enable them to function across all policy domains, on a local, regional, national and European level. The full value of the CCS will only be realised when they are supported to become a stronger sector. That is why we also need policies that identify the needs of the sector timely and efficiently, support innovation, co-creation, acces2finance, research, new business models, IP-protection and lifelong learning.

Day 2

Taking action

What tools have been developed in the context of Creative FLIP to support the sector and tackle the challenges of tomorrow?

Communities within the CCSIs are keen on working together, as well as with other sectors, to face the challenges they experience to become stronger. We need actions that fit the sector and at the same time empower CCSIs to transform the world around them. Through pilot actions and stakeholder consultations, Creative FLIP has produced tools and resources for and with cultural and creative communities to support them in achieving this aim.


21 June 2021
Day 1 - Shaping policy

11:00 – 12:00

Welcome words

Dubravka Jurisic, Creative FLIP, Goethe-Institut Opening session Themis Christophidou, Director-General for Education, Youth, Sport, Culture (video message) Opening address Dr Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament Johannes Ebert, Secretary General, Goethe-Institut

Keynote speech

Michela Magas, Industry Commons Concept Creator Inspirational talk Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Accelerate Estonia Moderated by: Dr Elke Kaschl-Mohni, Regional Director Southwest Europe, Goethe-Institut
12:00 – 13:00 Creative FLIP –  a contribution in the search of a healthy ecosystem for CCSIs What were the things that needed a FLIP and how FLIP contributed to this?

Moderated by: Dubravka Jurisic, Creative FLIP, Goethe-Institut

 Isabelle de Voldere, IDEA Consult

Pierre Hausemer, VVA

Claudia Plaimauer, 3s

Chryssa Vlachopoulou, ECHN

Cyrille Dubois, Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:15 Panel discussion: Moving towards the new normal How to better address challenges and opportunities for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe in the post-pandemic context? Which main lessons to be learnt from the disruptions in 2020-21 from policy makers, networks as well as intermediary bodies and creatives? Which innovative and new (policy) answers for a positive transformation become visible? Moderated by: Vassilis Charalampidis, ECHN Catherine Magnant, European Commission, DG EAC Bernd Fesel, ECBN Tere Badia, Culture Action Europe Heidemarie Meissnitzer, Cultural Affairs Council group member Sheila Deegan, Ministry of Culture, Ireland Sylvia Amann, Inforelais
15:15 – 15:30 Break
15:30 – 17:00 Panel discussion: So You need money? A2F policy making for a more resilient CCS – how to diversify the money streams? What EU funding opportunities are available for the sector? Moderated by: Joost Heinsius, Values of Culture and Creativity Isabelle de Voldere, IDEA Consult Barbara Stacher, European Commission, DG EAC Maciej Szymanowicz, European Commission, DG CNECT Julia Pagel, NEMO Paolo Montemurro, Materahub Ciprian Stefan, Astra National Museum Complex Onur Emul, Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg Wrap up of Day 1

22 June 2021
Day 2 - Taking action

10:00 – 11:00 Welcome Wanda Poitschke, Creative FLIP, Goethe-Institut Interactive Session: Value of Cross-sectoral cooperation Creative FLIP Learning Labs program: Conversation on the Guidelines for Creative Partnerships between CCSI and the educational sector Lars Ebert, Creative FLIP Learning Labs expert Dr Riina Vuorikari, JRC, European Commission Vassilis Charalampidis, ECHN
11:00 – 12:00 Panel discussion: FLIP for the BETTER What are the current CCSI skills needs and gaps? How can these be addressed? How can the Pact for Skills support stakeholder driven solutions? And how can the EU Forecasting tools be better adapted for the CCSI sector? Moderated by: Pierre Hausemer, VVA Julie Fionda, European Commission, DG EMPL Vladimir Kvetan, Cedefop Anita Debaere, Pearle Claudia Plaimauer, 3s Genoveva Christova-Murray, Missia 23 creative hub
12:00 – 12:10 Break
12:10 – 13:00 Interactive Session: Importance of Peer Learning Creative FLIP P2P program: positive outcomes, lessons learned and the P2P toolkit. A conversation with creatives. Relja Bobic, Creative FLIP P2P program coordinator Tania Santos, CRU creative hub Marina Batinic, Culture Hub Croatia
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:00 Parallel Workshops 1) FLIP2Act, a collaborative Serious Game to break down the silos Have you ever played a serious game about finance? If not, join our workshop! During this session, we will present and play FLIP2Act, a serious game for policy makers, financiers, intermediaries and CCS, to stimulate cooperative thinking and break down the silos. You will be confronted with challenges to solve in a cooperative manner, characters to impersonate, unforeseen events to tackle and much more!   2) Discover the So You Need Money Guidebook Are you working in the cultural or creative sectors and are you looking for finance? Are you a policy maker or an intermediary advising cultural and creative operators on the right financing sources? Are you a funder or an investor? Then join our workshop and learn about the So You Need Money Guidebook that we developed in Creative FLIP! During this interactive session, we will present the guidebook, share tips and insights on how to move through the financing jungle, by reflecting on what are your needs and values and what values different types of financiers are looking for.   3) P2P Ambassadors of change  You are part of or interested in the world of Creative Hubs? What did you do to face the challenges that the pandemic brought to your hub? How did you stay connected with your team? Did you try innovative concepts – and did they work? If these questions raise your interest, then come join our Ambassadors of Change for a session of shared experiences and inspiring case studies. This session is open to all interested participants! Ambassadors of Change are part of the Creative FLIP Peer2Peer Program. Adapting to the unordinary circumstances of the pandemic, a third round of P2P Exchange Program was launched, focusing on good practice examples from Creative Hubs.
15:00 – 15:45 FLIP IN THE FUTURE CreativesUnite: One year overview Chryssa Vlachopoulou, ECHN Inspiring initiatives Renaissance project, Heidi Wiley, European Theatre Convention Illuminate Cities, Domingo Abrusci, Architect and Designer & Alexandra Payne, Urban Planner and Data Analysis Future of Creatives Unite Vassilis Charalampidis and Dubravka Jurisic
15:45 – 16:15 CLOSING ADDRESS Niklas Nienaß, Member of the European Parliament Catherine Magnant, European Commission Dr Elke Kaschl-Mohni, Goethe-Institut


Themis Christophidou

Director-General for Education, Youth, Sport, Culture

Dr Christian Ehler

Member of the European Parliament

Johannes Ebert

Secretary General

Niklas Nienaß

Member of the European Parliament

Catherine Magnant

European Commission

Dr Elke Kaschl-Mohni


Michela Magas

Industry Commons Foundation

Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Accelerate Estonia

Bernd Fesel


Tere Badia

Culture Action Europe

Heidemarie Meissnitzer

Cultural Affairs Council group member

Sheila Deegan

Ministry of Culture, Ireland

Barbara Stacher

European Commission

Maciej Szymanowicz

European Commission

Julia Pagel


Paolo Montemurro


Ciprian Stefan

Astra National Museum Complex

Julie Fionda

European Commission

Vladimir Kvetan


Anita Debaere



Missia 23 creative hub

Lars Ebert

Learning Labs expert,
Creative FLIP

Dr Riina Vuorikari

JRC, European Commission

Relja Bobić

Creative FLIP P2P
Program Coordinator

Tania Santos

CRU creative hub

Marina Batinic

Culture Hub Croatia

Heidi Wiley

European Theatre Convention

Domingo Abrusci

Architecture and Design

Alexandra Payne

Urban Planner and Data Analysis

Creative FLIP team

Dubravka Jurišić


Wanda Poitschke


Vassilis Charalampidis


Chryssa Vlachopoulou


Mado Stamatiou


Isabelle De Voldere

IDEA Consult

Eveline Durinck

IDEA Consult

Martina Fraioli

IDEA Consult

Sylvia Amman

Independent Expert

Joost Heinsius

Independent Expert

Pierre Hausemer


Magdalena Klebba


Cyrille Dubois


Onur Emul


Claudia Plaimauer